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Increasing your conversion with STO Garant

Increasing your conversion with STO Garant

The simple and affordable guarantee scheme for all travel packages!

Increasing your conversion with STO Garant

25/09/2018 – The world is changing, a statement that holds for sure for the Travel Business. Where in the past travelers booked their trip at a local travel agency, bookings via the internet have fully changed the rules of the game. Direct access to foreign travel organizations leads to an increasing number of travelers using travel organizations from abroad for their holiday trips. By offering a guarantee scheme, foreign travel organizations give their customers the requested security which will increase the number of travelers that will book with their organization.

Guarantee scheme for foreign Travel Organizations

Although the increase in the number of vendors enhances the freedom of choice it also raises a number of new questions. Travelers want to have a guarantee for all prepayments of their holiday trip and ask for a guarantee scheme. The new Directive on Package Travel enhances the awareness of travelers. How does a foreign travel organization ensure that all (pre)payments are secured and how do travelers know for sure that they either get their money back or are repatriated in case of bankruptcy of their travel organization?

There aren’t many options for a foreign travel organization to offer a legally compulsory guarantee scheme in The Netherlands. Most guarantee schemes require the travel organization to be based in The Netherlands. With the Guarantee Scheme offered by STO Garant it is possible for foreign travel organizations to participate, which enables them to fulfil all requirements given by the new Directive on Package Travel. The Third-Party-Account guarantee scheme of STO Garant is certified by the Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) in The Netherlands and is accessible for all foreign travel organizations. In this manner a suitable protection of travelers is offered for a fixed low fee per booking, just like travel organizations that have their home based in The Netherlands do. An additional benefit for Dutch travelers traveling via foreign organizations lies in the fact that they can pay to a local Dutch Third-Party-Account via their standard online payment methods.

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