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The simple, affordable guarantee scheme for travel packages

  • Recognised security

    Recognised security

    Signing up to STO Garant means opting for a guarantee scheme that has been recognised since 2013 and works with a registered payment service provider.

  • No barriers

    No barriers

    It takes just one day to register with us, without any need for bank guarantees or audit certificates. Your revenue derived from travel packages is then protected.

  • Low fixed costs

    Low fixed costs

    Comply with the insolvency protection obligation set out in the European Package Travel Directive, at a cost starting from €7.75 per booking.

  • Simple to use

    Simple to use

    Experience the benefits of our automated online process for yourself. It also includes accounts receivable management and online payment methods.

STO Garant’s guarantee scheme

STO Garant is a guarantee scheme that enables you to insure the revenue you receive from package travel. Our guarantee scheme operates via an online platform and is based on the escrow principle.

The escrow account system means that instead of paying an organisation directly, travellers pay money into an escrow (client fund) account. The amount paid is held in this account until the package trip has been completed. The booking payment is then automatically released to the organisation the day after the package trip ends.

Of course, every guarantee has its conditions. We'd like to be open about that in advance. Read the full guarantee scheme here.

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STO Garant

A guarantee scheme without a guarantee fund

STO Garant is not a mutual guarantee fund. This means that there are no overhead costs for fund management. There are also no annual costs for bank guarantees and audit certificates, as are required for participation in a guarantee fund. This means cost savings that may amount to thousands of euros per organisation, per year.

A robust guarantee scheme at a low price

STO Garant is the simplest and most affordable guarantee scheme in the Netherlands:

  • Very low one-off admittance costs (€125.00);
  • Very low annual contribution (€125.00);
  • No costs for audit certificates;
  • No costs for bank guarantees;
  • A low fixed price (from €7.75) per booking;
  • No other hidden costs.
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The benefits of our guarantee scheme

Signing up to STO Garant allows you to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Registration and the completion of formalities can take just one day;
  • Can be used for both private and business travellers;
  • Fully automated payment process for travellers using online payment methods;
  • Detailed overview of bookings and payments through your own personal account;
  • Automated accounts receivable management, fully reflecting your own general terms and conditions.

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    STO Garant guarantee scheme revised

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