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STO Garant for the Dutch Charter Vessel Association (BBZ)

STO Garant for the Dutch Charter Vessel Association (BBZ)

The Dutch Charter Vessel Association (BBZ) and STO Garant have joined forces!

STO Garant for the Dutch Charter Vessel Association (BBZ)

14/06/2018 - From 1 July 2018 onwards, many organisations will need to meet the obligations set out in the revised Package Travel Directive. This also applies to almost all of the members of the Dutch Charter Vessel Association, or the BBZ. This is why the BBZ and STO Garant are joining forces: STO Garant for the BBZ.

Guarantee scheme for the BBZ

In the revised Package Travel Directive, the definition of a travel package has been extended. The result of this is that many businesses outside of the traditional travel sector will also be selling travel packages from 1 July 2018 onwards. In order to sell travel packages in accordance with the directive, these businesses will need a guarantee scheme too. “We have noticed that a large number of businesses are looking for a simple and affordable guarantee scheme. This is why we have recently been working hard on STO Garant to make our solution available to anyone planning to sell their products in accordance with the revised Package Travel Directive,” explains STO Garant’s Thiemo Hollering.

While many organisations are waiting to see what exact impact the directive will have, the Dutch Charter Vessel Association has chosen to take a proactive approach. In its role as the leading trade association for the Dutch charter travel sector, the BBZ finds it important to make matters easier for its members. It therefore decided to enter into discussions with STO Garant regarding a guarantee scheme for its members. When asked about STO Garant for BBZ, the director of the association, Paul van Ommen, had this to say: “A lot of things are changing for businesses in the tourist sector. STO Garant is taking a constructive approach to those changes and is listening to what businesses say they need. The key aspects are ease of use and low costs. And this is exactly what STO is offering many businesses.”

STO Garant and the BBZ are delighted to be able to report that from today BBZ members can register with STO Garant. Over the coming months, all BBZ members will receive information about the options offered by STO for the BBZ so that they are able to comply with the requirement for a guarantee scheme in accordance with the revised Package Travel Directive on 1 July 2018.

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